Air Conditioning Sizing: Why Choosing the Right AC Size for Your Home Is So Important


Will all know how tough the sticky, intense heat of an Australian summer can be. With continuous days in the high 30s it can be almost impossible to escape the heat. That is unless you have quality air conditioning. Home air conditioners are the best way to beat the heat and keep yourself, and your family, comfortable when everything else around you begins to melt. If you don’t have quality air conditioning in your home, it’s time to start to kick things off so you’re prepared for when the next heat wave rolls through.

Before you run out the door to purchase your home air conditioners, there are a few things you need to know to get the most out of your unit. And the most out of your power usage. The most important consideration is the size of your air conditioning unit. Different sizes have different power outputs which determines how much space they can cool and whether they can cool it efficiently or not. If you get this balance wrong you might aswell be throwing money out the window. Read through this guide to gain an understanding on why size matters when choosing quality air conditioning for your home.

How we measure air conditioners

Before we can find the right size air conditioner we need some background on what we want to be looking for. In Australia, the output of air conditioners are measured in kW, or kilowatts. This is the unit of measurement we use to describe the power of each unit. Kilowatts are 1,000 watts and is a measure of energy over time. The more kW a air conditioner is rated for, the better it will be at cooling larger spaces. However, that increased kW will result in more energy being used which means higher power bills and inefficient cooling.

Why the right size is so important?

It all comes down to energy efficiency and how much power the unit uses to cool your room. The old adage of bigger is better is not relevant in the case of quality air conditioning. Home air conditioners run at their best when they are appropriately sized for the room and conditions they are placed in. Modern day home air conditioners are designed in an energy efficient way that cools your house in cycles. This is a slow yet highly efficient process that keeps your home cool without a huge dent in your power bill.

Problems being to arise when your home air conditioners are too big or too small for the space they are cooling. Air conditioner too big? It will cool your house quickly and then turn off. This cuts short the cycle process your home air conditioners are designed to go through. Once it’s off, the room will begin to warm again forcing the air conditioning to turn back and cool the air, started the cycle but not completing it. This constant on and off again is terrible for energy efficiency and uses a lot more energy than you need to to get efficient cooling.

Is the air conditioner you have too small? This will force your home air conditioner to constantly be running at full speed, trying it’s hardest to cool the room. It should be able to cool the room but it is very inefficient as it won’t go through the cycling process it is designed to go through. Running your home air conditioners like this will result in a huge power.

So now you have a solid understanding of why choosing the right size home air conditioners for your home is so important, it’s time to look at buying one. Head over to and talk to the team about helping choose which size is right for you. Beat the heat this summer with quality air conditioning for your home.

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