7 Tips for Teachers to Engage Students Better


Engaging students can be a constant struggle for teachers. This can be a nightmare and will result in the ineffectiveness of instruction delivery. For teachers who are looking for a better way to engage students, keep on reading and learn from the insights we’ll share..

  • Teach in a Virtual Classroom

There are many great school management software features, and one of the best is a virtual classroom. This is one of the most effective ways to engage students in classes. It can offer a more relaxed and accessible environment. Virtual classrooms will allow students and teachers to interact anytime and anywhere. No geographical boundaries or time differences can hinder the lessons.

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  • Build a Place for All Learners

In one article from Forbes, the author notes how important it is to create a place for all learners. The classroom should be an inclusive environment, making sure that everyone is given attention. There will be a higher engagement when students know that they are treated without bias.

  • Simplify Classroom Instruction

Information overload and jargon will make lessons uninteresting. Students will immediately lose interest when teachers start talking about things that they find to be too complicated. A good solution is to deliver the lessons in layman’s language. It should also be presented in bite sizes, which will be easier for the students to comprehend.

  • Use Movements to Improve Focus

Especially when teaching kids, active movements can help in improving engagement. Rather than teaching in a stationary position, encourage kids to move during lessons. This can also be invigorating and will allow kids to put their energy into good use.

  • Take the Lessons Outside

Lessons don’t have to be limited in the four corners of a classroom. To engage students better, you can also take them outdoors for a change. Alternatively, if you want to simulate the feeling of being outdoors without leaving the classroom, virtual reality is one technology that you should tap.

  • Introduce Concepts of Gamification

One of the reasons why students lose interest in the classroom is because of boredom. To engage them better, it will help to introduce gamification in the classroom. This is possible by having challenges, points, and leaderboards. This will also make the students more competitive while the lessons become more entertaining. However, the National Education Association warns that when done wrong, gamification can do more harm than good in the classroom.

  • Gather Feedback

It is important to gather feedback from the students to learn what you are doing wrong and what can be done to improve their engagement. Encourage students to voice out their opinions, which will provide an idea on how you can change your teaching style to suit their needs and preferences.

From virtual classrooms to gamification, there are many ways to improve student engagement. Take note of our recommendations above to make them interested in your lessons.

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