5 Steps To Ensure That You Have Perfectly Installed Expansion Joints


Choosing the right type of expansion joint covers for the right application is not actually an easy process that you think. There are various problems that may be caused when the expansion joints are perfectly installed. A lot of thought is made during the installation procedure. When the majority of the expansion covers fail due to the product selection, it causes a lot of issues. A slight mistake can cost you huge.

This blog will help you to know how you can install the expansion joint systems in the right manner stepwise-

  1. First, understand the movement requirements

The first important step is to know the movement of the expansion joints. The confusion occurs when the manufacturers reveal a different type of movements of the expansion joints. The movement can be of various kinds like the overall movement, the usual positive and negative movement and the width movement. Thus, when you are buying the expansion joints, you should first know that what type of movement you require. You can also call a professional to know details of the movement of the joints that you need so that you can make the right purchase.

  1. Make the right size

After buying the joints, you should remember that you are making the right size before installing at the place. Once the movement requirement is understood, you should join the right size of the covers. When you are buying the joints, be sure that they have the joint spacing and the fire barrier items. It is quite unnatural for the joint sizes to increase in the size as you are going up for a building. If you want to save time and confusion, most of the manufacturers suggest grouping certain flooring together.

  1. Consider the expansion joint location and application

After making out the size, you should know the joint locations and the application requirements. These points are very important to consider when you are looking for a good fitting of the joints. The floor covers get affected more due to extended use. Thus, when you are buying the expansion joint material, you should know that where it is being used.

  1. Consider the installation methods

When you are buying the expansion joints, you should, later on, consider the installation methods when buying. There are various methods to consider, one is the surface installation and the other one is the recession installation.

These are some of the steps to ensure that the joint covers are rightly installed on the floors.

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