4 steps for startups and businesses to build a successful sales pipeline


For any startup or a new business venture, sales is the most important part of any organization. Without sales, there will be no business revenue and without revenue, no business will sustain. Therefore, it is really very essential to build a successful sales pipeline like what the big companies are doing. When we talk about database companies, in particular, the maximum use of data is for democratizing growth and for small startup companies the main trick is about how to use it. The department of sales and marketing is the key engine for driving growth for any business venture.

In order to build a successful sales pipeline for any business, therefore, you may need to take care of the following strategies:

1 Identify and narrow down your key prospects

The initial phase of any successful sales pipeline is to identify and narrow down your prospects or targeted customers. The more you target your relevant audience the more will be the chances of your successful closure. Deduce your audience with respect to the need of your product, never try to market down your product to the entire group of audience. Even if you don’t have an operations team to build a model that focuses on your segmented market you should know in specific about your audience segment. One of the key ways to narrow down your audience is by shortlisting your audience with respect to their Industry, Company Size, geographical

location and also their funding history.

2 Build a target list of your prospects

Once you have narrowed down your fellow targeted prospects then the other most important thing that you must do is to build a targeted list of fellow prospects whom you may need to contact down for your sales process. Apart from shortlisting your prospects the other main thing that you may need to do is to identify the crucial decision-makers who are going to make a sales decision. For instance, if a prospect is working in a role where they don’t have the authority to sign a check or make a good level of business decision then he may not be a crucial decision-maker. The various opportunity alerts may be in the form of funding alerts, marketing exhibitions, and new hiring events.

3 Make a relevant marketing as well as messaging content for the prospects in your sales pipeline

Whenever you are creating any marketing as well as messaging content for your fellow marketing prospects in your sales pipeline try to provide some great value to your service then only will the customer may try to use the content again and again. One of the great ways to build a sales pipeline is to create great stories which can offer great values to your customer. Therefore, the marketing content whatever you are designing must be created so that the client can get a reference of your product like publish a case study on your website, create a pdf for your fellow sales collaterals, try to shoot a 60-second video for the testimonials of your product, try to write several blogs which speak directly with your customer needs and finally try to create a unique spin story which can draw the customer’s attention towards your product.

4 Test and try various demand generation strategies


For any startup or new business, demand generation is the bread and butter of the organization. The more you create the demand the more you can leverage out from the market. In order to generate the demand the first and the foremost thing that you may need to do create a website that meets in accordance with the requirements of the customers. For instance, a user-friendly website is a key to the long term growth of any organization. If possible try for the paid advertising for 3-5 business keywords and therefore try to focus on those keywords which may have high search volume along with less competition. Paid advertising will bring more brand awareness. Build an outbound sequence of your emails, phone numbers, and direct mails. Invest in various content syndication services which allows you to push your content in an organic manner

Some of the key takeaways in building a successful sales pipeline is that build a great product that really solves the problem of every customer and for which people are willing to pay for. Know and inside and outside of your customers. Engage your targeted audience by means of proper marketing and relevant strategies.

I hope that this article may solve your queries in the aspect of building a successful sales pipeline for startups and businesses.

All the best for your future business ventures.


Author Bio:

This article was written by Mr. Naveen Mathew, he is working as a Digital Marketing Analyst for a company called Arishna Data Communication  and he is the owner of the website called bluechipdigitalmarketing.tk. Besides writing for Arishna Data communication he is been doing freelancing work, his major work in Inbound call Center , Outbound Call Center and Home Based work like Data Entry Services. Overall he has been work as all rounder in the digital marketing field relating Paid ads, Content creation and Social media marketing.

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