4 Qualities of a Professional Web Designer


It takes more than just flyers and word-of-mouth to become a successful business today. The best entrepreneurs know that having the creativity to come up with ideas is one thing, but getting to effectively translate those ideas visually in a medium that is digestible by their target audience is a completely different beast.

The internet has presented itself to be a behemoth that could curry great and fantastic favor to any business when things go right. This is why even the most creative of entrepreneurs learn how to become professional web designers to transform their own visions into a functioning website. But what does it take to become a web designer?

From building your portfolio to using a business proposal, we’ve put together a list to help you out:

  • Being Organized

People always say “the devil is in the details,” and this couldn’t be any truer in any field than in website design. A website designer who is not organized and does not pay attention to the most minute of details will be doomed to fail. Overlooking crucial details will lead to lengthy revisions and costly mistakes. It’s not enough to just look at little details, but also how they figure against the bigger picture. A designer should always run tests to constantly check that their website not only retains its aesthetic, but also its functionality and usability.

  • Effective Communication Skills

Designing a website is not contingent on only the creativity of the designer, but it also depends on the vision of the client. To ensure a successful collaboration, both parties must communicate with transparency and freely bounce ideas off each other. The more transparent the better: this reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and mistakes.

  • Proactivity

A web designer can have all the experience and skills in the world, but not knowing your limitations can lead to your downfall. If it happens that you get stuck with a design or programming issue, will you waste your time trying to retain your pride by figuring it out by yourself, or will you reach out to people who can help you out? A good web designer will reach out for help, knowing what’s best for the website is the ultimate priority. This way, the development schedule can stay on track, and you don’t get stuck in a loop of “will it or won’t it work?” trying to get to a solution.

  • Know How to Write a Web Design Proposal

Sure, you can be the most talented web designer out there or the most up-and-coming entrepreneur out there, but you won’t be able to reel in any new clients without mastering the art of the business proposal. This seems like a counterproductive step—after all, the time it takes to write up a business proposal is precious time you could have spent perfecting a website. Thankfully, there are web design proposal templates available online that could cut writing time by a half, and start getting you those new clients ASAP.

As businesses grow and change, so should its players. With information so easily made available to us through the internet, the resources for learning new skills such as web design are within our reach. The biggest names in any industry attribute their success for being well-rounded in terms of skill, so why not take a page out of their book?

You don’t even have to be an entrepreneur to learn web design: children in elementary school are now being taught how to code! So why not start with designing your own personal website, and build your design skills from there?

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