Make Business Travel to SLC a Breeze with These Tips


If you’re in the digital world, whether it’s sales, marketing, advertising, or even a small business owner, then you don’t want to miss the Digital Marketing Conference in August. The fifth annual marketing conference teaches you about the upcoming strategies, trends, and tools in the digital marketing industry. It’s one of the most prestigious digital marketing conferences in Salt Lake City.

This industry-leading conference is now in its fifth year, and it shows. The roster of marketing luminaries is better than ever, featuring Neil Patel, Marcus Sheridan, Susan Wenograd, and Ian Lurie. This is a one-day conference with lots of concentrated firepower, so you’ll really need to budget your time efficiently. Check out the full agenda on the DMC homepage as it populates and plan out which sessions you must attend so that you don’t miss out.

Even though this will likely be the professional highlight of the year, your entire trip shouldn’t be centered around this conference. Being a one-day conference means you can check out some other sights in gorgeous Salt Lake City.

When you travel to SLC for business, you can definitely get more out of it than you anticipated. It has a wide variety of hotels and restaurants that will turn your trip into an elite experience.

Here are some travel tips to keep in mind when planning your business trip to Salt Lake City.

Pack All of Your Essentials

You should pack your bags well in advance. It’s recommended that you pack up to two weeks in advance. While this may seem ridiculous, it really gives you time to gather all the vital items and think about what you could be missing. You’ll want to pack your first aid kit and all of your essentials. Some of the most common essentials for business travelers include business cards, electronic devices, office supplies, and toiletries.

There will be moments when you get hungry on your flight or after a business meeting. Pack healthy snacks such as trail mix or protein bars that will hold you over until lunch or dinner. Create a checklist of items that you plan to bring to your business trip. Most business travelers forget the littlest things simply because they weren’t prepared.

Don’t Check Your Luggage

It may be tempting, but you want to avoid checking luggage. Don’t bring so much luggage with you on your trip. Instead, opt for a carry-on bag that you can take with you on the plane. It’ll make traveling much easier and you won’t risk losing your luggage. Backpacks, compression bags, and tote bags are all appropriate for business trips. And they’re as roomy as most types of luggage.

Choose the Right Hotel

It’s important to build a good relationship with the hotel you’re staying at by using their loyalty program or an affiliated credit card. You may get a cheaper rate and better accommodations the next time you return. The hotel stay may also go out of their way to ensure you have a wonderful experience, and you’ll receive the first-class service

The Hyatt Place Salt Lake City/Downtown/The Gateway is a great hotel that has both a loyalty program and an affiliated Hyatt rewards credit card. It’s located near downtown SLC and the conference facilities. You’ll experience a spacious room that’s designed with up-to-date media and workstations. This hotel offers flexible meeting spaces, and free internet access, which makes it the ideal place for business travelers.

The Hilton Garden Inn Salt Lake City/Sandy is also close to the DMC venue. Hilton has a great loyalty program, as well. This location features 24-hour pantry, fitness facility, and business center, so you can stay active and get things done whenever you feel like it.

Find the Best Eateries

Before you arrive in Salt Lake City, you should research some of the best restaurants to dine at. There are hundreds of restaurants in Salt Lake City that range from food trucks to fine dining. Book your reservation ahead of time by using the OpenTable app on your mobile device. This is the best way to book an important lunch or dinner meeting during your trip.

As far as recommendations go, one of the best restaurants that Salt Lake City has to offer is Log Haven, according to the readers of Salt Lake Magazine. It was hailed as one of the best fine dining establishments in 2018. It can be found tucked away in a log cabin in Wasatch National Forest. Each dish has fresh local ingredients that draw you closer to Salt Lake City.

Remain Loyal While Traveling

Remaining loyal isn’t just something you should strive for in your personal relationships. It means using the same airline, airport, hotel, and rental car company every time you travel for business. You’ll receive more perks if you stay dedicated to these companies. You should also take advantage of their loyalty and rewards programs to save more on your business trip. If you’re a frequent flyer, then you could receive free upgrades and other add-ons.

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