How much can online classifieds impact today and in the future?


Advertising is becoming the latest growing trends in the present time and so new methods of advertisements are getting more popular. Most common advertising platform includes display and classifieds. Both can easily be integrated and offer numerous benefits.

When searching the internet you may come across portals that are of various categories. These may popularly belong to yellow pages, real estate, automotive and much more.

The listing can be unlimited and so you always have unlimited options to select the best category for posting online classifieds.

Future as per experts

Current stats prove that the number of online users is fast growing in the present time. With this rate, it is expected that classifieds online could easily be a million-dollar industry in the near future. This figure could in fact much greater than entire offline advertising revenue combined together.

It is expected that on an average online advertising media is growing at a 17 percent annual rate. By the next few years, it will expand its reach to most devices used at home and in offices. You can expect this media to get connected to all your devices directly.

Potential sectors within online media

Looking at the current trend it is certain that segments like automotive and household appliances can expect to be leading users of this media. It is also certain that both supply-side and consumer side will be leading users of online media in the near future.

More web portals

With an increase in demand, it is also expected that the number of online advertising websites that make use of classified services will be launched online. This industry will alone cross million dollars on an average.

You may find new web portals to be launched on a daily basis that will directly connect suppliers from the consumer market.

A number of individuals will be dependent on classifieds advertisements for buying or selling goods and services.

Revenue generation

With an expected increase in demand, it is obvious that classifieds online will also manage to increase better and higher revenues from this advertising business. For most users advertising is generally going to be the best way to generate income instantly and within a shorter period of time.

Impact on a traditional advertising

It is certain that online advertising and classifieds will directly have a greater impact on traditional classifieds and advertising services. Within the next few years, it is expected that the online classifiedsmarket will gain 50 percent higher revenue as compared to traditional classifieds.

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