5 Inbound Marketing Trends To Look Forward To In 2018


Finally, 2017 is over and now it’s time to focus on lot of new things in 2018. Last year was exceptionally good for the digital world. We have seen a huge growth in the web market.  

Almost, more than 80% of the business owners agreed on how essential it is for the companies to stay active on web world for constant growth. Traditional marketing is now past. Inbound marketing is the future.

Almost, more than half of the marketers on digital world stopped using traditional techniques. All of them dedicatedly allocated their resources towards inbound marketing.  

We all are well aware about the fact that, digital world is a game which suddenly change its rules every year. Here are the 5 inbound marketing trends you should watch out for successful marketing :-

  1. Be interactive

What is content? Content is a source which is used to generate traffic and sales lead. So, whenever the term content is heard what comes to your mind? Blog? Article? Post?. Now, all of these techniques are getting old, to achieve greater results in inbound marketing process. companies are producing more interactive and engaging content for their target public. Try to create something which make people indulge with your content. Create surveys, add calculators, infor graphs, videos, tools, graphics, images, surveys etc.

This do not just make them interested in the content but they will also share the post to more people on their own.  

  1. Use new platforms

Few years ago, nobody even had a idea about how big snapchat and instagram will become in upcoming years. Now, they are the platforms which do not just come in use to share photos but also a source to worldwide news. From big to small size companies everyone sharing their content on social platform like snapchat. To gain the broader market, you should look forward to posting content on snapchat and instagram.

Email marketing

It is quite a long time since email marketing is introduced, till now email marketing is being a successful platform for the marketers. Some people mistakenly associated the email marketing with traditional process. Email marketing is considered as a most reliable source of information by the audience. People actually click on the link which is attached by marketer in a mail. Some companies failed to utilize this platform effectively, it can be a great use if you reachout the appropriate audience.

Create content for smartphones

The rapid increase in the number of mobile phone users is something one cannot miss out. Almost every single person out there check website or surf internet from their mobile phones. It is a completely different scenario when you check out a website from phone and when you open it from the desktop. The numbers are going to be huge this year, design your content as per the mobile user, add relevant info, be short, be concise, organise essentials first. It will help in generating the traffic towards your website majorly.


The expectations from inbound marketing is high this year. Businesses are expecting to take a great jump with the help of inbound marketing tool. Try to get the experts on job as it will be a great help to your business. Keep all these points in mind to effectively implement the strategy.  

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