Seven Outdoor Team Building Activities


Conducting outdoor activities creates a very special, exciting and truly memorable experience for every employee in your organisation. However, most companies are against including fun team building activities in their workplace. Instead they believe in the long term value of instilling a disciplined environment where everyone is dedicated to their work at all times.

But what companies forget is that having fun at work does not affect their productivity. In fact, it makes your employees more productive and helps them become more team oriented.

However, one major problem with conducting outdoor events in the UK is that the weather is not the most conducive and could potentially ruin the entire event. For this purpose you need an event organiser who knows how to handle and execute successful corporate events for you.

Most of the outdoor activities, specifically designed for team building, are a combination of some excitement, something new and original, healthy competition, a great socialising platform and most importantly, lots of fun.

So if you are looking for some outdoor team building activities for your employees to enjoy on a corporate day out, we list seven of our most preferred options.

1: Historic City Treasure Hunt

Split your employees into teams and give them a sheet of vigilantly constructed riddles and quizzes. Add checkpoints and many funny bonus points to this activity as they discover clues around the event area.

This activity provides your employees a much needed exercise, and is a great way of exploring the city while competing in teams. However, make sure that you are hiring a great event management company that will help you organise a competitive yet fun treasure hunt event around your city.

2: Super Beach Games

If you are planning a corporate day out on a beach, then this activity is the most suitable for you. You can almost do anything you want on a beach. Make a list of creative, fun and team building games that will encourage communication and coordination amongst your employees. Hire a host to help guide your employees and push them to compete against one another.

3: Cooking Competition

If you want to plan an evening event for your employees and their families, what’s better than a cooking competition? In fact, team up your employees and ask them to cook a dish. Once everyone is done cooking, ask the family members to vote on their favourite dish. This relaxing activity boosts team building and is a lot of fun.

Lastly, everyone gets to go home with the satisfaction of having enjoyed some delicious food.

4: White Water Rafting

River rafting can be a great outdoor activity that your employees would most likely be excited to participate in. It is thrilling, exciting and boosts team coordination and bonding. Make your day memorable – go rafting today!

5: Formula 1 Racing Day

F1 racing is one of the most beloved sports in the UK. There are several event management companies that host f1 corporate entertainment events. These fun filled activities can help build coordination, boost productivity and improve team bonding. Isn’t it amazing how a game can give your business long term benefits?

6: Robin Hood Team Forest Adventures

Spend an adventurous day solving a series of clues, challenges and puzzles designed by professional hikers or tour guides around a forest.

Let your employees revel in the wilderness by performing fun activities such as archery, tree climbing and boat races in the river and much more. Let them have fun in the woods and relive their camp days.

7: Concerts and Performing Art Events

You can take your employees to some of the city’s best art events for a day. There are even music festivals that have pavilion or lawn seating arrangements and private tents for groups. Choose a happening event that includes a combination of live music, natural scenery, the night sky and some amazing food. It will be a sure shot hit with your employees.

All the above mentioned outdoor activities are bound to boost your employee engagement and help forge stronger employee relationships. It will also be a fun and rewarding experience for them. If you want to do something truly special for your employees, just combine most of the activities mentioned above into one terrific weekend!

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