Four ways to maximise your time as a freelancer


Working as a freelancer brings a whole host of attractive benefits with it. From being your own boss to setting your own schedule and working in a sector you are passionate about, it offers much more freedom than standard models of employment. It is also pretty cool being able to have time off when you want!

However, if you have just started working as a freelancer, then you will know that it also comes with its own challenges. Top of these for many is simply having enough time in the day to get through all you need to and make some money to boot. The issue for many freelance workers is that they find themselves bogged down with all that running your own business entails and not having enough hours in the day.

Make the most of your time

Luckily for any freelancer struggling with this issue, the answer is quite simple. You just need to find ways to maximise the time you do have so that everything gets done and you still have time to network for new business. Here are some clever ways to make the most of your time:

  • Ditch the tax returns – running your own business as a freelancer brings with it a host of tasks that you may not have expected or enjoy doing. Spending valuable time collating records for your annual tax return and dealing with any queries from your accountant or HMRC is probably one! If this is the case in your business, then an umbrella company may be for you. As you will become an official employee of the umbrella company in name, it means that you are eligible for PAYE and can forget about time-consuming annual tax returns altogether.
  • Outsource other tasks – another great idea is to outsource other business tasks that take up too much of your time. After all, the easiest way to get work off your desk is to put it on someone else’s! From outsourcing your social media efforts to your IT arrangements, this can save a great deal of time, which you can then spend getting more work done.
  • Use templates – this can depend on what sector you freelance in to some extent, but most successful small businesses will benefit from using templates. Whether it is for invoices, quotes or emails, templates will save you so much time compared to typing each one out anew. Simply set one up to save and it will be there to use in double-quick time when you next need it.
  • Ditch the distractions – the problem for many freelancers who work at home is the many distractions that eat into their time. From TV to snacking, you need to stay focused and actually work to make the most of your time. It can be worthwhile setting up a home office with no distractions in to help.

Max time = max results

However you choose to make the most of your time as a freelancer, the important thing is that you make the effort to do so. This will not only see you get more core work done and make more money but will also ensure that everything else is taken care of.

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